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We have had a lot of trouble with fleas this year and sometimes pets may need that extra boost of prevention to make it through without collecting little bug friends! Animal Care Clinic is excited to announce that it has recently added Nexgard to our arsenal of defense products at relatively the same cost as traditional topical prevention products.


What is the difference between Nexgard and other flea prevention products that we have carried in the past, you may ask yourself. Nexgard is a revolutionary new product out on the market that not only changes the game in prevention by offering protection against fleas; but also disease spreading ticks in an easy, effective, and safe chewable tablet. Nexgard is given orally, meaning that you only need to feed it to your dog in order for it to be effective. This eliminates the fear and worry that is associated with topical products washing off with bathing or swimming. The beefy taste allows most dogs to consider the chew as a treat that is given once per month.


Nexgard protects your dog from flea and tick infestation. The once per month chew will kill adult fleas before they have a chance to lay eggs, will kill any existing ticks, and will prevent infestation of either. One chew lasts all month long. Nexgard DOES NOT contain any type of heartworm prevention; so it is important to continue giving the monthly dose of TRI-Heart Plus or other heartworm prevention medication.


How about dogs with allergies? Great question! Nexgard is actually considered hypo-allergenic and clients who have furry family members with skin allergies seem to be experiencing great results with the product. The main ingredient in the chew is soy and the beef flavoring has been added as a hydrolyzed protein, the same process by which many of the prescription hypoallergenic diets utilize meat proteins.


Nexgard has been tested and proven safe and effective for CANINES ONLY, it has not been approved for use in cats. If you need a flea prevention for your feline friend, please call our office and we can certainly help you with that. Nexgard is safe for administration to puppies 8 weeks and older at the appropriate weight dose. Unlike some other flea and tick prevention products, Nexgard is safe to administer to most pets with health conditions; however, please ask Dr. Colorado or Dr. Matera if you have concerns prior to administration.


Nexgard is available by prescription only, meaning that you can only get this product from your veterinarian or through veterinary approved channels such as Vet's First Choice online pharmacy. Our office will not approve prescription requests from non-veterinary approved channels including many popular online pharmacies, for the fact that the product cannot be guaranteed not to be fraudulent, expired, or authentic. The staff at Animal Care Clinic stand by this policy in order to ensure that your pet is receiving the safe and effective medication that you expect to receive.


The flea and tick prevention that you chose for your fur baby is a personalized decision based on your individual needs. If you have questions, please feel free to contact our office to discuss the pest option for your pet. We will recommend the best product for your pet depending on your pet's individual situation.

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